Classic Designs

These images are printed onto a large(A3) and medium(A4), 100% cotton cloth — big enough to fit into your hoop or frame.

There are no instructions, only the colour picture to guide you with the stitches and colours you could use in this design.

Unleash your creativity with one of these classic designs.

Description A5 A4 A3
Clanwilliam embroidery panelN/AR 141.35R 192.65N/A
Fallen Fence embroidery panelN/AR 147.05R 198.35N/A
Kommetjie embroidery panelN/AR 135.70R 192.70N/A
Sunny Cosmos 1 embroidery panelN/AR 147.10N/AN/A
Sunny Cosmos 2 embroidery panelN/AR 147.10N/ARN/A
Table Mountain embroidery panelN/AR 147.10R 204.10N/A
Windpomp embroidery panelN/AR 135.70R 192.70N/A

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Project close-ups are close-up photos of finished designs