Jill Kirstein

Di van Niekerk has done it again! She has secured the copyright licence on the most beautiful designs by Jill Kirstein

The designs are available in A3 and A4. There are neither instructions, nor a colour picture, only the printed panel, however by just looking at the panels your imagination will go in overdrive.

Born in Katoomba, Jill has been painting for over 40 years. An accomplished flower arranger and winner of several trophies and awards she turned her hand to capturing her floral art in oils on canvas. Jill’s love of roses reinforced her view that they were the only flower with the serene beauty and complexity to stand alone.

Jill has found roses to be the most challenging and rewarding subject. Her paintings are represented in collections throughout the world from the US, UK, Singapore, South Africa and in many Australian galleries and homes.

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Project close-ups are close-up photos of finished designs

Jill Kirstein

Description A5 A4 A3 Kit
JK 1. Fuchsias, Roses and DelphiniumsR86.24R150.50R200.64R2 108.85
JK2. A Bowl Of Roses and VioletsR86.24R150.50R200.64N/A
JK3. Roses, Fuschias, Hydrangeas, JasmineR86.24R150.50R200.64R1 519.45
JK4. Wild Orchids, Violets, Roses, Blue SalviaR86.24RR150.50R200.64R1 498.45
JK5. On The Garden FenceR86.24R150.50R200.64N/A
JK6. Good Morning To You!R86.24R150.50R200.64N/A

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