Di van Niekerk Designs

Di van Niekerk's designs are printed on quality heirloom cotton fabric. Please note there are copyright on Di's designs.

New Ladies

Description A5 A4 A3 Kit
A FavourN/AR165.30R216.60R557.10
NL1 – An avenue of treesN/AR148.20N/AN/A
NL2 – Lady with bunch of rosesN/AR148.20N/AN/A
NL3 – Lady at tableN/AR131.10N/AN/A
NL4 – PrimrosesN/AR148.20N/AN/A
NL5 – Rose GardenN/AR131.10N/AN/A
NL6 – PrincessN/AR148.20N/AN/A
NL7 – Spring flowersN/AR131.10N/AN/A
NL8 – Best friendN/AR131.10N/AN/A
NL9 – Yellow roseN/AR131.10N/AN/A
NL10 – Little girlN/AR131.10N/AN/A
NL11 – Woman with hatN/AR131.10N/AN/A
NL12 – Summer gardenN/A148.20N/AN/A
NL13 – BluebellsN/AR131.10N/AN/A
NL14 – Fairy in a hammockN/AR148.20N/AN/A
NL15 – Woman on gold chairN/AR131.10N/AN/A
NL16 – Ladies on stairsN/AR131.10N/AN/A
NL17 – Spring Lady with blue dressN/AN/AR182.40N/A
NL18 – Girl with fur wrapN/AN/AR182.40N/A
NL19 – Lady with pearlsN/AN/AR182.40N/A
NL20 – Lady with shawl of rosesN/AN/AR216.60R1324.60
Roses SoftlyN/AN/A205.20N/A

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