Jacobean Style Kits

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Project close-ups are close-up photos of finished designs

Description Kit Size
Adagio (DAD1) R149.00 Approx 37cm x 38cm
Arabesque (DAQ1) R149.00 Approx 33cm x 40cm
Carousel (DCL1) R149.00 Approx 32cm x 20cm
Elizabethan Serenade (DES1) R149.00 Approx n/a
Fantasia (DFA1) R149.00 Approx 38cm x 38cm
Jacobean (DJB1) R119.00 Approx 30cm x 30cm
Jacobean Mosaic #1 (DJM1) R139.00 Approx 32cm x 32cm
Jacobean Runner (DJR1) R259.00 Approx 80cm x 37cm
Jacobean Tablecloth (DJT1) R259.00 Approx 100cm x 100cm
Ornamento (DOR1) R149.00 Approx 27cm x 27cm
Romanza (DRZ1) R149.00 Approx 32cm x 37cm
Rondel (DRO1) R119.00 Approx 33cm x 33cm
Rondo (DRO1) R149.00 Approx 30cm x 35cm
Tree of Life (DTL1) R149.00 Approx 33cm x 32cm

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