Machine Embroidery

I have been working on filling some orders this week.

This gave me an opportunity to record some video footage of my machine doing it’s thing.

The machine is embroidering a design of a fairy onto a golf shirt for a client.

I accept single and bulk orders, this would normally include digitizing (however, should the digitizing be very intricate,
it will be sourced out after which I will do the embroidery) and processing.

The video is a bit noisy, but I left the sound intact to give you an idea of what my workshop sounds like.

Below are some of the items I created lately, just to give you an idea.

Machine Quilting

Fat Lady Red Cushion

Mach Quilt Pillow Pink Lady

Custom Baby burp Cloth

Burp Cloth 142447

Miscellaneous Custom handkerchiefs and towels

Custom Towel set Michelle

Custom Brahma Hankies

All these items were made on order. Contact me for a free quote. Please note that since we do not mass produce and keep high stock volumes,
there might be a waiting period depending on the nature of your order.

Happy Crafting !