Not done yet….

My goodness, what a crazy time I had. I told you previously about the order I filled with embroidering t-shirts for a pre-school. The front of each shirt took 25 minutes at 650s/s to complete after which I had to clean it up (cutting all the loose threads and removing the water soluble fabric as well as the excess stabilizer), the back of each of the orange shirts embroidered for 35 minutes at 650s/s and the cleaning up had to be done as well.
So there I was, thinking now I’m done and fhew..what a job. No way, my customer (let’s call him Mr X) brought in another batch of shirts, this time in green and I had to go through the whole thing again, only this time the back had a bit more (45 minutes at 650s/s) embroidery.
Eventually at 16:30 today I switched off my machine and all the fans (yes, I need fans to keep me cool whilst slogging away on the machine) and sank into a chair with my feet on the ottoman and …. tring, tring, the doorbell!
Mr X came back to collect his shirts and to let me know next week another batch will be delivered and another is scheduled for March … Luckily there will be a few days of “resting” before he drops the next lot of.
Not complaining at all, love what I’m doing.
What did you spent your time on these last few days?