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Welcome back!! So we began the new year with load shedding!! Enough is Enough! Our economy cannot be successful as our electrical service company is failing the people of South Africa everyday. If you can afford solar systems to keep the lights on, good for you! Those who cannot, I pray daily for a positive… Continue reading “2023”

So beautiful

Greetings to you. Today I will post photos of the beautiful work done by Desiree Coetzee of Tsitsikamma. She has embroidered the Pink Delight design from Di van Niekerk. I always love Desiree’s work, she followed the instructions Di has posted on Twitter. Contact me (Monica) at should you want the instructions (5 chapters).… Continue reading “So beautiful”

Cross stitch

I have so many WIP’s (work in progress) and yet, I’m still stacking up on them. My latest craze is cross stitch. I haven’t cross stitched for many years and suddenly it’s all I want to do. I am now neglecting my ribbon embroidery. I have lots of other work to keep me busy with,… Continue reading “Cross stitch”