Every day something new

How are you all? Crafting away with not enough time in the day?

Well, my daughter and I (and do not forget hubby and son) are always trying something new. Should something like crochet for my daughter and me (and sometimes son), or woodwork projects for hubby and son tickles our fancy, we will go wild. We will do research and hop around on Pinterest and You Tube and save lots of ideas. Do we do all of the projects saved? No, but it is still nice to check everything out and try some of the ideas. Some of it is successful, some are wildly expensive and others are worthy of the waste bin.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I have started a cross stitch project, which I’m still busy with (allocating an hour per day to it), now interlocking crochet has also been added to all our other many work in progress projects. My daughter and I went for a workshop and this now also needs time in our day. So where does one draw the line? I really don’t know. Sometimes I feel I’m head over heels with all the stuff I want to “do” and running my business. Whose fault is it? I should have had more arms and hands ….