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Still in 2023

It is a very difficult year all over the world. Here in South Africa we are battling with load shedding (no power), in some (most) areas for up to 8 hours per day, we have water issues due to no maintenance on infrastructure. This last week we had a massive storm in North West and… Continue reading “Still in 2023”


Welcome back!! So we began the new year with load shedding!! Enough is Enough! Our economy cannot be successful as our electrical service company is failing the people of South Africa everyday. If you can afford solar systems to keep the lights on, good for you! Those who cannot, I pray daily for a positive… Continue reading “2023”

KZN 2022

What a heartbreaking few days in the lives of the Kwa-Zulu Natal residents, especially those on the beach fronts on the south and north coasts. The province experienced extremely bad weather with heavy rains, vehicles were swept away in the water, houses and roads collapsed, people were killed and some are reported missing, outcome still… Continue reading “KZN 2022”


Done and dusted – the year 2021. A very difficult and heartbreaking year all over the world. I thank God that my family is still safe, although family and friends were sick from Covid. My husband and I are thankful that we both did not have Covid at all. Covid has hit us hard (not… Continue reading “2022”

Privacy Policy

My code of conduct: Lap en Lint Borduurgenot CC has been in business since 2007. I am a dedicated and responsible business owner and believe that my commitment to fair dealing, ethical conduct, honesty and integrity will ensure that your experience with Lap en Lint Borduurgenot is a positive one. It is my intention, as… Continue reading “Privacy Policy”

Price issues

Please note that we are currently experiencing issues with the updating of prices on some of our products. Kindly email for the correct prices.

Back to winter?

No, not really, it is just that we had a few heat waves here in South Africa (I’m in Pretoria) and then we switched back to cold days with 4 days of raining/drizzling, expecting to continue for a few more days. I’m not complaining although it is cold, I love rainy weather. I have been… Continue reading “Back to winter?”