Hide everybody, winter is here!

O my word, I don’t like the cold!
Although I’m a winter baby (born in July) I seriously do not like winter time. I hate all the layers of clothes and icy hands, if you catch my drift.

Winter freezes my craft mojo (well, not entirely but most of it). My hands are too cold to enjoy crocheting or x-stitching or embroidery. I, however, give myself a stern talk to and I sometimes listen to myself (good girl!). I see so many pretty beautiful things to make and do, so eventually with a slow start, I get some things done.

Did you see the beautiful Swan Cottage design that Di van Niekerk has decided to kit up again? Well my friends, until 5 July this kit is only R3 149.00 and it includes everything you would need to create your own masterpiece. Di van Niekerk has included her own hand painted ribbons as well as the pretty threads from Chameleon and some. Place your order today, after 5 July the price will be R3 334.00 and oh, yes please remember that all orders above R600.00 gets free delivery in South Africa only!!!