Summer is here full force

Yes, summer is here or have been here for a few weeks already and boy, it is HOT!! Currently we are in the mids of a heat wave. Every day we have the clouds building up with promises and then the wind blows the clouds way out of our area. We need rain desperately, pray to the Lord. I have to wash my floors every day, since we also have a wind blowing everyday and the dust is driving me up the walls. Yesterday, while we were having a braai with my son and his family, we heard a funny noise and the next moment we were in the middle of a sand burst, we had dust in our eyes and mouths and just as suddenly, it all stopped as if it never happened.

Well, enough of the moaning and complaining, I put my trust in our Lord to give us the rain we need. In the meanwhile I have to get some work done. I have lots of early christmas orders to complete and the the first of the batches of school T-shirts for next year to be embroidered also arrived.

My cross stitch ballerina is now only done a quarter. All the green has slowed me down a bit, I could have gone on to another color, however in my mind I need to finish the green background. Maybe this is a omen that I should start another color as I ran out of DMC 3863 (which by the way is brown, which is not very visible between the 3 green shades (those green shades are very similar to each other). Ah well, carry on girl, you have to finish this one way or the other.

I hope you are all stitching away and enjoying a lovely cup of tea/coffee or a glass of ice cold soda. Please whow your works in progress, I would love to see all you have done with your crafting, whether it is cross stitch, ribbon embroidery, knitting, crocheting, beading etc